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Welcome to Purple-Sashiin! A site that offers myriad of excellent services ranging from creating intricate graphic designs to writing exciting one-shot fictions. Need someone to critic your work? Look no more for we also offer free fan fiction reviews and hints and tips in trailer making, all of which will help in showcasing your work the way you want it to be. A-Excellente! Everything is made upon request, so what are you wating for? Request now and receive the service that you deserve.

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site name: Purple-Sashiin

date created: Oct. 20, 2011
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I hate to say this but...

But before we leave the site for a while I have a few words for all of you~! :)

We WILL STILL FINISH all the request you've sent as of today (March 1). Will try our best to finish it before its deadline. I hope you will still watch out for it.

Those haven't pick up their finished requests yet you still have time to get it but take note that as we return we will remove all of those from the site.

Hello there! I've to tell you guys that you're all awesome but to be honest I had a hard time handling the site these past few days. It's been harder for me each day to contact you and we had some overdue request (especially reviews and one-shots) that's actually the reason why we need to go on a hiatus for a while aside from us, the web mistresses (reiko and me *jem*) being busy for the next few weeks.

So we decided to FILTER our STAFFS, we need to check who are still willing to be with us and those who don't.

THOSE WHO ARE STILL WILLING TO BE WITH US, please email us (purplesashiin@yahoo.com) and we shall message you when we are ready to remove the site from hiatus.

To all of you,
         It's been a great experience to handle a site like this and make our costumers happy. The fulfillment of such is quite priceless. That's why it's a hard decision for us to put the site on hold. We will return as soon as we can. THANK YOU~! Hope you will wait for our return! :)


Please e-mail the link of all the graphics you designed for this site.


This post is MANDATORY.

Just kidding!!!

But seriously, send them! :)

Hello there customers! :)))

Hi everyone! It's sad to say but the one-shot and trailer requests are still closed. We'll try to open it up by the start-middle of February. I hope you understand. :)